ISO 9001 Case Study

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Continual improvement at AquaTec

AquaTec Coatings Limited, based in Wrexham, specialises in the development and manufacture of water-based, solvent-free paints and coatings. Established in 1994, the company has since grown from a small family-run business to the UK’s market leader in water-based coatings technology.

AquaTec first looked into becoming ISO certified as a means of demonstrating their commitment to quality, both to customers and business partners alike. As a customer-focused company, the need for a tool with which to promote AquaTec’s high standards of quality quickly became apparent.

This tool came in the form of ISO 9001 Quality Management, an internationally-recognised quality management system, developed by the International Organization for Standardization. ISO 9001 can provide organisations with measurable improvements in their overall business performance.

To assist them in achieving certification, AquaTec sought the help of IMSM such as:

  1. A detailed gap analysis
  2. The production of necessary documentation,
  3. Consultancy on how best to maintain the standard to the highest level

From start to finish, the implementation process took approximately 6 months. However, the work hasn’t stopped there! According to Teleri Evans - AquaTec’s Business Development Manager - the team are continually updating their new-found management system, to ensure that they remain at the cutting edge.

“We continually update the quality management system with an assigned member of personnel spending 1-2 days a month to monitor progress”.

If that wasn’t enough, Aquatec has a dedicated research and development laboratory on-site, to help ensure that any and all customer requirements are met!

When asked if they had experienced any benefits since achieving their ISO 9001 certification, Teleri said,

“Being ISO 9001 certified has been very useful both externally, to engage and gain new customers, and internally, to refine our processes and improve performance. It allows us to continually monitor our performance and identify areas for improvement.”

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